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[ Updated Just Now, 2017 ] As we know reliance is crushing everywhere by providing lots of crazy offers. ever since they have launched their 4G service a few months back, people were going insane. Because they had offering something that no telecom company were giving in our entire lifetime. And now, Reliance JIO Broadband Plans are about to come.

Yes. the company chairman, Mukesh Ambani, at their annual general meeting ( AGM ) stated that they will roll out new broadband plans for India which will give up to 1 GBPS speed. :O

Yeah, you see it right. 1 GBPS Speed.

How is this possible? What will be the JIO Broadband price? How to activate? well, we will cover all these question in this post today.

So keep reading..

Before we proceed to the pricing section, let’s know a little about this technology.

According to a report, they will use FTTH ( Fiber to the Home ) service. Which means, JIO will use optic fiber which has a high data transmission rates than conventional metallic cables. The benefit of optic fiber is they have more bandwidth capabilities which in result, you can experience high speed internet data anytime.

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Reliance Jio Broadband Plans, Speed, Price & Offers

Now, let’s come to the point. as we were expecting, the price for JIO broadband is relatively low starting from just Rs 500/month. In this plan you will get 15 MBPS speed and will have a data capacity of 600 GB. Compare to the new plans offered by BSNL, this one might be a huge.

At the time of writting this post, there are 3 types of JIO Broadband Plans that reliance will launch.

-> Speed Based Broadband Tariff Plans

-> Volume Based Broadband Tariff Plans

-> Special/ Price Based Broadband Tariff Plans

Speed Based Tariff Details For JIO GigaFiber

In this plan you will get up to 600 MBPS speed. and the price range will start from Rs 1500 and goes up to Rs 5500. Note that, you will get the highest speed on the highest rated plan. On the first plan, which is Rs 1500, 50 MBPS speed will be delivered with 2000 GB capacity.

the second plan is Rs 2000 where you will get 100 MBPS speed with 1000 GB data. there is a downgrade of this system that we do not like. the more the speed, the less data you will get to enjoy.

See the full list below:


50 MBPS PLAN502000150030 DAYS
100 MBPS PLAN1001000200030 DAYS
200 MBPS PLAN200750350030 DAYS
400 MBPS PLAN400500400030 DAYS
600 MBPS PLAN600300550030 DAYS


reliance jio broadband plans



Now let’s see the Volume based Fiber Broadband Plans

As the name says, ” volume” you will have the freedom to use as much volume in a day which is up to 60 GB/day. yes. this plans comes with per day.

what that mean is?

For example, their volume base JIO Broadband Plans starts with Rs 1000 where you can use 5 GB per day for 30 days. And extended up to Rs 5000 with a capability of 60 GB per day.

The speed is stated as unlimited.

Here is the full list

5 GB/ PER DAY100030 DAYS
10 GB/ PER DAY200030 DAYS
20 GB/ PER DAY300030 DAYS
40 GB/ PER DAY400030 DAYS
60 GB/ PER DAY500030 DAYS


jio volume based plans

Special rate based plans

Do not have enough budget to spend? You can use the below plans to match with your budget and enjoy high speed broad band internet from JIO

500600 GB15 Mbps30 DAYS
1000500 GB25 Mbps30 DAYS
5003.5 GB/dayN/A30 DAYS
500N/A60 Mbps30 DAYS
800UnlimitedN/A30 DAYS


jio special broadband offers



Currently, JIO Broadband Plans are in a beta testing phase. Only MUMBAI, Delhi  & PUNE people can avail this offer right now. We will update this post once they roll out in the whole country.

Also note : there will be another broadband preview offer like JIO previously gave us at the time of launching for mobile. So this means, you can avail this offer completely free for 90 Days ( 3 Months ).


What will be the cost of Jio Giga Fiber broadband ?

The price for this service expected below Rs 6000. And it is probably a one time sign up offer charge. It may vary depending upon the circumstances and situation. we will notify it once we gather enough data.

What about the launch date?

JIO Giga fiber service is currently in beta phase. so there is no specific launch date yet. for more details about it, please visit this section often.


Is it really worth the money?

now, let’s review all thing and see if it is really worth investing or getting excited about reliance broadband service

Their aim is to get as much customer as they can during a short period of time. so they are really planning big.

as a customer, we definitely have a urge to browse internet with insanely high speed. telecom industry have been benefiting from us from a long time by providing low amount of data at high price. But reliance JIO has changed the era. Due to their low cost effective plans, all the main competitors including airtel, idea, vodafone have changed their data plans and offering at low price.

From this point, we are thankful to RELIANCE.

Now, in India, there have never been a plan like this where you pay Just Rs 500 and get a speed of 15 MBPS. right?

Though, it may cost a little bit at the time of signing up, in the long run, it may pay off the price.

So our view is : Yes. It is definitely worth the investing ( if you want to experience high-speed internet. )

Do let us know if you have anything to ask. we will try to answer your query.


Important note : Above plans are estimated plans. It may change while it is ready to roll out in the market. so we will update if any changes occurs. 

Another important note : Reliance JIO Giga Fiber Broadband Plans has already started in mumbai as a testing purpose.. we are sure after 31st march, 2017 they will be able to provide it for the whole country.


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