Paytm Schmitten Offer – Get Up To Rs 40 Free Paytm Cash – Loot Deal

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Paytm Schmitten Offer by is a new awesome deal guys. Yes. Paytm is again back with an awesome deal. Previously they have run so many deals like this where you can earn free money by just buying some products that you use on a regular basis. And now, this Schmitten Offer. 

So what is all about the offer? How can you redeem your money? How much money you can earn? Well, we will be going to share all the details with you right now. So keep reading.

This free paytm cash offer is running on Schmitten Chocolate Rs. 25 (20g) pack, Rs. 40/45 (35g) pack, Rs. 60/65 (50g) pack and rs. 80/85 (70g) pack. So each time you buy a pack of above prices, you will get paytm cash accordingly. The amount will be given as follows –

Rs. 10 or Rs.15 or Rs.20 or Rs.40 respectively (a maximum of 3 redemptions in case of Rs 25/- ( 20g), Rs40/45/- (35g) and Rs 60/65/- (50g) pack and 2 redemptions in case of Rs 80/85/- (70g) pack)

Paytm Schmitten Offer – Get Up To Rs 40 Free Paytm Cash – Loot Deal


Paytm Schmitten offer



To avail, the offer follow the steps very carefully.

1) Go to your nearest general store.

2) Now ask for  Schmitten Chocolate.

3) Make sure your products is the latest one. And look for the Paytm Schmitten Offer in the packet. Do not buy it if the offer is not mentioned in the packet.

4) Bought your packet?

5) Now look for the 12 digit code that will be printed in the back of the label.

6) Found it?

7) Not it down. we will use it to get the cashback.

Important Steps :

Use PC/ Laptop/ Or android Browser to do the following steps. As it might not work.


1) First, Go To – Offer Page

2) Now Enter your unique code that you have got from the chocolate pack.

3) And choose the amount of Rs of the chocolate.

4) Now log in to your account.

5) And You are done!… Yeeey… You will get your cash back instantly according to your packet.

6) If you have not any account yet, create a new one. it is very easy. and won’t take much time.


Now :

Go to – Patym Page

Initiate a recharge of any amount you want.

Select the operator

any pay the amount any methods according to your choice.


Schmitten Paytm Offer Terms & Condition

A) This schmitten Offer is valid from May 10th 2016 to 31st July 2016.

B) A user can avail the offer maximum of 3 times during the offer period. But in the 70 Gram packet, you can avail the offer 2 times.

C) Offer is not valid with any other offers.

D) Paytm Schmitten chocolate wallet offer is valid for Indian Citizen only.

E) Paytm has the full right to cancel this offer anytime without any prior notice.

F) Hurry Up Guys.

G) Offer is valid for both new and old users.



Some more FAQ About the Schmitten chocolate wallet offer


1) where can you find the cash code?

Answers : The cash code is printed on the promo flash sticker pasted on the schmitten chocolate pack

2) If you buy a packet that does not mentioned the offer, will I be eligible for the cash?

Answer – > No. First of all, you have to buy the latest packet of the chocolate where it mentions about the offer. Unless you have the right and new stock, Old chocolate will not give you any cashback from paytm.

3) If you have purchased the chocolate and the code is partly missing what should you do?

Answer -> In that case, If the pack purchased has a Paytm promotion flash sticker on the front of the pack, then there should be a code inside the silver scratch. In absence of a code or a partially missing code, please call them on 01203062244 or visit at

4) Till when you get the paytm cash?

Answer – > This offer is valid from 10th May to till 31st August 2016. Beyond this date, you will not be able to redeem the cash code.

5) What can you do with the cash?

Answer – > Well, you can do a variety of things with the free money. You can recharge your mobile, pay any bills, or even shop at the paytm store.

6) Is the offer is for old user?

Answer – > Yes, this offer is for both Old and new users. So you do not have to worry.


For More information about the terms and conditions click here


Enjoy the Paytm Schmitten Offer ! 🙂


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